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I really liked your variety of marbles and will recommend you to friends and family.

Rochelle Hixon
(Fort Scott, KS)

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Opaque Black Décor Marbles (Regular Finish), 14mm, 1# Bag
Opaque Black Décor Marbles (Regular Finish), 14mm, 1# Bag
Code: MKMBO26P
Price: $2.99

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Landscape Glass - Crystal Blue
Landscape Glass - Crystal Blue
Price: $3.99

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Transparent Blue Decor Marbles, Frosted Finish
Transparent Blue Decor Marbles, Frosted Finish
Code: mkMBf08
Was $72.15,
Now Just $60.45!
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How Much Glass Do I Need?
Select a calculator below, fill in info, then click "Calculate."

Rectangular Area/Volume to Cover/Fill
Length of area to cover/fill:
Width of area to cover/fill:
Depth of area to cover/fill:
If you are covering an area we suggest 1 to 2 inches deep.



Vases & Other Odd Volumes to Fill
# of containers you are filling:
Fill a container with water to determine the volume you need.



You will need about 7 pounds per square foot to cover to a depth of 1 inch. If you measure the width and depth of the area you want to fill in feet, and know how many inches of fill you want, the weight of the glass needed is Width x Depth x Fill x 7. For example if you want to cover a 2.5 x 10 foot area with glass to a depth of 3 inches, you would need 2.5x10x3x7, or 525 pounds of glass. If you wanted to fill a 4x1 foot fish tank (such as a 55 gallon tank) to a depth of 2 inches, you would need 4x1x2x7, or 56 pounds of glass. Using the calculator at the top of this page will figure that - be sure to select feet or inches as appropriate.

For small areas, measuring in inches might be more practical. You need about .0486 pounds per inch per square inch. If you measure your area in inches, the weight of the glass needed is Width x Depth x Fill x .0486. If you want to fill a 4 x 4 inch square vase do a depth of 3 inches, you would need 4 x 4 x 3 x .0486, or 2.33 pounds of glass. (If you needed to fill 12 vases for table centerpieces, you would need 2.33 x 12 = 28 pounds of glass.)

We recommend buying 10% more than this formula estimates, to allow for waste and rounding error.

If you are filling irregular shaped vases or other containers, try filling one with water (only up to the point where you want the water to go). You can enter that volume and the total # of containers at our "Vases and Other Odd Volumes to Fill" Project Calculator above to determine how much product you need.

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