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I found the product information and pictures very clear and simple, making my transaction quick and easy.

Kyle Combs
(Grand Rapics, MI)

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Poison Dart Frog Toy Marbles, 50mm, Bulk Bag
Poison Dart Frog Toy Marbles, 50mm, Bulk Bag
Code: 66580
Price: $28.68

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Bean & Pebble - Green Apple
Bean & Pebble - Green Apple
Price: $6.75

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Opaque Jade Decor Marbles, Regular Finish
Opaque Jade Decor Marbles, Regular Finish
Code: mkMBo24
Was $55.50,
Now Just $46.49!
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Product Code: asgrgcl
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Reflective Clear Firepit Glass
Select weight:
10 Lbs. $49.90 ($4.99/#)
10 Lbs. $49.90 ($4.99/#)
25 Lbs. $112.50 ($4.50/#)
25 Lbs. $112.50 ($4.50/#)

Product Description: This transparent tempered pane glass has a fire-safe reflective coating on one side of the glass which still allows light to pass through the glass. This produces a unique look when used in terrazzo, and a provides for stunning effect in the fire pit/fireplace environment. It is specifically graded in size to approximate 1/2" pieces - a size that is ideal for use in firepits. This glass is safe for applications up to 1,400F, where it will begin to soften. This glass is a transparent crystal clear color. It is available in 10 lb. and 25 lb. quantities.

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Reflective Clear Firepit Glass
Code: asgrgcl
Price: $49.90

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