Terms and Conditions for Checkout

Delivery Timeframes: Product codes with "ASG" prefix are shipped FOB North Salt Lake, Utah (UPS Ground Map). Product codes with "MK" prefix are shipped FOB Paden City, W. Virginia (UPS Ground Map). Product codes with "JGG" prefix are shipped FOB Clarion, Pennsylvania (UPS Ground Map). Everything else is shipped FOB Loredo, Texas. (UPS Ground Map). All orders have a lead time of 3-4 business days before they ship, and are then subject to the delivery timeframes of the delivery method you choose (1-5 days additional).

Shipping: We ship most orders by UPS - UPS shipping options are guaranteed but if a package is late or lost, it can take up to 2 weeks to investigate. We will not reship or refund until the investigation is done. Please remember, UPS is a delivery service we use - once they take packages, they are responsible for getting you your products within the time frames you paid for - we no longer have possession of your goods. We may offer a US Post Office shipping method if it is cost-effective but it is NOT guaranteed - we are not liable for loss or damage unless insurance is arranged.

Order Tracking: After your order has shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail with your tracking #. It is your responsibility to track your shipment using the tracking # at UPS.com. If there is a problem please bring it to our attention ASAP. We are not responsible for delivery problems that are not addressed because you didn't track your shipment. If your package is returned to us because you did not track your package and contact us promptly about problems, your shipping costs will not be refunded. If your package is lost because you provided an incorrect address, your shipping costs will not be refunded. We will not reship unless shipping costs are paid again.

Fees: There is a 15% restocking fee ($10 minimum, based on the list price, excluding any bulk discount) if you refuse your order, return your order, or cancel your order after it has been prepared for shipment unless it is defective or there has been a shipping error (for example, we will charge a restock fee on a return made due to color or size, unless we sent the wrong color or size.) We charge a non-refundable $1.99 processing fee that gets dropped when the subtotal reaches $100. UPS charges $11 to fix an incorrect address. If required (you provided an inaccurate address), the fee will be added to your total.

Disclaimers: Images shown are for illustrative purposes, and may not depict the actual piece(s), packaging or quantities you will receive. please see item description for information on quantities offered for sale. Actual colors shipped may vary slightly from what is pictured due to dye-lot differences and/or your monitor configuration. Images shown are not to scale, please see the item descriptions for sizes.

Damage/Defects: Our goods are packed in heavy-duty cartons and delivered to UPS securely sealed (glue, staples and tape), with bags intact and the weights logged. We make every effort to insure your product gets to you in the same condition it left our warehouse. Bags may open during shipment due to shifting in the box from rough handling, but if the box is undamaged, everything will be in the box. Orders are FOB – this means that title to the goods pass to you when UPS takes your parcels from our loading dock. Damage claims should be filed with UPS. Our products are 100% recycled glass. Small bubbles, surface imperfections or discolorations are all characteristic of recycled glass - they are not considered defects, and should be expected on up to 10% of your order. Small impact marks should be expected on bulk-packed items, particularly in the larger sizes.

Damage, shortage or mis-shipped items: must be reported within 7 calendar days of receipt. Check your order as soon as possible upon arrival, or have someone do it for you.

Color Consistency: Actual colors received may vary considerably from what is pictured due to dye-lot differences and/or your monitor configuration. If you received a completely different product (the SKU on your units do not match the SKU on the website) we will replace your product, but if we sent the correct SKU, any returns will be subject to our restocking fee. If color is critical to your project, please contact us and ask before buying. If an assortment contains a mix of unspecified colors, the colors may vary from bag to bag, will rarely (if ever) include red and an even distribution of colors is not guaranteed.

Size Consistency: Sizes are approximate and may vary. (Because it is more critical that Terrazzo glass be the proper range of sizes in order to achieve the desired effect, it is goes through the size sorting process twice.) Marbles may vary +/- 1/16". When a range of sizes is listed, a unit of that product will contain a variety of pieces that may fall anywhere within that size range. Even distribution of size is not guaranteed. Consistency of size from one batch to the next cannot be guaranteed. If your needs re: size are critical, please Contact Us and ask before buying.

Packed by Weight/Count: Products are packed by weight or by count. When packed by weight, the weight is guaranteed +/- 10%, when packed by count, the count is guaranteed +/- 10%. If the quantity of product is critical for your project, we suggest ordering 10% more than you anticipate using to ensure quantities are adequate.

Cancellations & Add-ons: If you make a cancellation/add-on request, we will try our best to accommodate the request, but it's possible your order could ship before your message is received. If you tried to cancel your order but it had already shipped, please do not refuse the delivery. If you refuse delivery, you will be charged for UPS shipping for the attempted delivery to you and also for the return shipping back to us. We reserve the right to cancel any order, at any time, for any reason.

Returns: Discontinued products are final sale only and may not be returned. Before returning anything else you must first Contact Us for a Return Authorization number. Returns must be postmarked within 12 days of receipt, and be in their original packaging, in as-new condition or credit will not be issued. Upon receipt of your return, MegaGlass.com will issue a credit or refund of the purchase price paid, less shipping and handling, and any applicable fees subject to this policy (see "Fees" above.)

International Shipping: We ship world-wide! Please note the following:

When a shipment is sent Internationally, there will be duties, taxes, and brokerage fees, in addition to the total we collect from you - it is always your responsibility to pay these taxes and fees. If you do not advise us you have arranged for a private broker, we will instruct UPS to act as your broker, and the cost will be added to your total. UPS broker fees are higher than average, but it is done correctly and quickly.